Italian Ceramic Disc for Longer Life

All quarter turn ranges are fitted with Italian technology ceramic discs made of almumina known to be the hardest material after diamond.

International standard, four layer coating for long lasting sheen

The nickel and chromium coating on our faucets is in accordance to british standards service conditions no. 2 & 3 defined for kitchen / bathroom fixtures.

European Cartridges for superior quality & durable performance

All single lever ranges are fitted with european cartridges making them at per with international brands in terms of quality and performance.

German Aerators for perfect foam flow

Foam flow faucets in all ranges are fitted with honeycomb aerators that mix air with water to form a stream of aerated water (foam flow) which does not splash and spill.

Spectro Analysis For Elemental Composition of Brass

A regular SPECTRO Analysis of the Raw material used for casting is done in order to maintain and meet the International Standards of Brass Elemental composition Which results In better Machining, Super-Finish and more importantly DEFECT FREE CASTING.

To Ensure the quality of brass at IPM, taps are chosen at random from the Casting department and are Spectro Analysed Again to ensure that the desired Elemental Brass Composition is achieved.

Air and Water Testing Machines for Leakage Detection.

Everything at IPM comes with a seal of exceptional quality. All our products’ components, ease of operation and perfect looks have to withstand numerous endurance tests and pass with flying colors before it leaves the premises.

Each and every product goes through Air and Water testing machines to detect any leakage from the taps which are tested from “0.5 to 5.0” Bar Pressure.This makes us super confident about our products Performance,working and durability taking the customer’s satisfaction to a whole new level.